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We can imagine the four steps can be a bit overwhelming at first. Especially when you are not even sure what the exact problem is within your company. So that is why we developed The Company Challenger.

Let us guide you through these fast changing times

The best conversations happen over a good cup of coffee.

We know it is hard to keep up with this rapidly changing world and its ever-changing technologies. Every organization faces difficult challenges along the way. Is your company facing culture or behavioral changes? We have years and years of experience in different types of fields.

Let us find the challenge within your company and turn it into an opportunity. By asking the right questions we create a detailed analysis and  shape it into creative chances, so your company will never lose its relevance in these fast-changing times.

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Read more about previous challenges in detail:

Thales 360-degree video

We have been working with Thales for a while now, so we know each other quite well. Thales told us about their brand new Security Operation Center( SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC). Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 they were not able to launch and showcase their amazing centers in real life. That is why they challenged us to come up with a creative way to reveal their new centers.

During our conversations we loved to hear all about their new state-of-the-art security centers. But besides capturing all the unique properties of the new centers it was just as important to emphasize Thales’ reliable and dedicated character. By asking the right questions we came to the core of the challenge, which gave us the opportunity to translate it into an innovative and creative concept.

We came up with the concept for a 360-degree video and suggested to showcase their new centers in a way which gives the viewer an amazing look behind the scenes. A 360-degree video gives you the opportunity to walk through a space and discover all the different possibilities it has to offer. By telling the story through the eyes of Thales employees we added that extra personal dimension to the video.

ING WQ-program

ING takes the wellbeing of their employees and costumers very seriously. The WQ-program (Wellbeing Quotient) is a perfect example. They offer a special program for those who want to live a more vital and healthy life. ING challenged us to make the WQ-program more playable for employees as well as costumers.

Along the way we found out that ING wanted to work actively on health and vitality to maintain and stimulate involved and resilient employees and costumers. ING lives by the motto: “Helping people move forward, always and everywhere.” The program consists out of four pillars: EAT, MOVE, SLEEP and REST.  We gathered all the information and took it all into consideration when creating a custom-made creative concept.

We created a personalized escape room for employees and costumers, which took them on an active journey. Participants were challenged in a playful yet active way in the four phases of the program: EAT, MOVE, SLEEP and REST. After taking part in the journey they received a report with their personal vitality achievements and additional health tips.

BBC/Devlab Academy

It all started over a good cup of coffee when Devlab Academy told us about their new innovative product Micro:bit. Micro:bit is a product developed by BBC which helps kids learn how to program in a playful way. Kids use the Micro:bit as a tool for learning digital skills, such as coding robots or musical instruments. Devlab Academy challenged us to create an interactive experience for kids that introduces them to Micro:bit.

In addition to listening and learning all about the Micro:bit, we also wanted to gain more knowledge and understand the way kids learn and play. We discovered that one of the greatest ways to learn something new is to actively approach a product or experience.

With the information and knowledge gained during our conversations we wanted to create something that stimulated the kids’ fantasy. We came up with the concept of a fully customized escape room that took the kids back in time due to a programming error. By using the Micro:bits the kids were able to program themselves back to the present. They had to play different games where teamwork was required to complete the mission. The escape room made it possible to introduce students, teachers and parents to technology in an accessible and fun way.