About us

We love to make an impact through creativity and grabbing people’s attention by using innovative methods.

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Driven by understanding

We understand the importance of asking the right questions before answering yours.

First we take a complete, honest look at your brand and the needs of your business. We believe in a holistic approach where we take all areas of your business into consideration before we start to tailor a plan that fits your needs, budget and timeline. From initial concept to production, we always look at the bigger picture.

Data generated content

Create, measure, analyze and optimize.

We love to follow our gut feeling, but we let data act as an extra check on our intuition.
We reflect on past user experiences and results so we are able to establish consistency and continual growth. We love to be your partner in building a better business.

Continuously innovating

We are a small team with
big ideas.

We have gained years of experience in different fields, varying from recruitment to learning & development, vitality and branding.This experience combined with the latest developments in gamification can generate new insights for your business or target audience. Creating something cool is great, but creating a concept that connects is the ultimate goal.

our team
How we started

It all started with the hype around escape rooms in 2015.

Back then the escape rooms were extremely popular so we decided to build our own mobile exit room and place it on a fixed location in a town called Deurne in the South of the Netherlands. A lot of people from surrounding cities came to visit our mobile escape room.

A succes story

Could you personalize our escape room?

We noticed there was a lot of interest and it didn’t take long before companies were asking us to personalize escape rooms into their company’s style. We accepted these challenges and ended up building escape rooms for Rabobank, Erasmus University and ING. Then the Eindhoven Football Club PSV challenged us to create a full personalized escape room, interior as wel as exterior and of course we did!

the story continues

When creating an escape room you need to take a deep dive in to the company’s history.

This gives you the ability to create a full experience for your visitors. Over the years we gained so much experience and knowledge which truly led us to the core of our business. We love to make an impact through creativity and grabbing people’s attention by using innovative methods. So we started doing this by building escape rooms and in the years after we evolved to an all round agency combing years of experience and data with immersive digital experiences. From 2017 on we decided to change our name to Experience Republic and the rest is history!