Our approach

We love challenges. At Experience Republic we believe that every challenge is a great opportunity to evolve and grow. We are here to support you in over coming obstacles, internal as well as external, and finding creative solutions for them. But how do we get to these creative solutions?


We love to be challenged.

Like we said: we love to be challenged. Share your dilemma with us and we will get to the bottom of it. First things first, we start with gathering loads of information. We don’t look for answers, we look for the right questions. By asking the right questions we get to the core of the problem. From here we move forward to the next phase.

We can imagine these four steps can be a bit overwhelming at first. Especially when you are not even sure what the exact problem is within your company. So that is why developed The Company Challenger.

The Company Challenger



We start with a creative brainstorm session

With all the gathered information from the previous phase we start with a creative brainstorm session. We analyze the output from the brainstorm session and start to connect the dots. The project plan is slowly taking shape and together we decide what our focus and ultimate goal should be. We believe in the strength of your brand, but we also use our data and gained experience over the years and take it into consideration with every step we take.


This is where the magic happens

This is where we work our magic. During the creative phase we transform all ofthe above into a creative concept. When creating something new, we alwayskeep the ultimate goal in mind. Of course you can think up the most amazingconcepts, but we find feasibility just as important. The creative concept has tobe in line with the existing vision and strategy of your brand, yet it has to befresh and innovative.


We love to execute what we create!

We love to execute what we create! We don’t want to brag, but we are great at what we do. We are highly experienced and have all the right tools to bring your concept to life. But of course we leave this up to you. If you have any questions about concept creation or realization, please feel free to contact us!