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Stichting Hightech Helmond – de Peel

The Hightech Helmond – de Peel foundation has challenged us to give children a glimpse into the world of different sorts of technology

Experience Republic is affiliated with the Hightech Helmond – de Peel Foundation. Where we, as a collective of companies, are committed to making children enthusiastic about technology. And technology in the classroom is the perfect place for this.

High-tech teaching boxes have been developed that explain what technology means in a special and interactive way

The content of the boxes are filled with technology of the affiliated companies. Such as metalworking, air pressure, but also programming a machine or filming with a real green screen. We are proud to contribute to this fantastic initiative.

How do your students deal with technology? And do you want to ensure that they develop well in that? See what the possibilities are at the website of Hightech Helmond – de Peel foundation below.

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