UWV, divisie Sociaal Medische Zaken, challenged us to attract insurance doctors in an innovative, digital way.

UWV is currently looking for 150 insurance doctors. An insurance doctor is the only medical profession in which a doctor does not treat its patients physically. Because the job of an insurance doctor is extremely versatile, it is important to sketch an accurate picture of this multifaceted function.

UWV lets you experience how an insurance doctor makes a socio-medical assessment by a fictitious client meeting

We developed a digital, interactive tool which gives candidates the opportunity to experience and learn more about the atmosphere and different benefits of working as an insurance doctor at UWV. On the other hand this tool gives UWV an insight into the wants and needs of the candidates by collecting data. A perfect example of the double-sided effect a digital tool can create.

Curious about the fantastic end result? Take a look at the consultation room of UWV at:

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