Talent acquisition to the max

T-Mobile challenged us to improve the recruitment process for vacancies at HQ and the T-shops. We developed a short, yet powerful 3 to 5 minute digital experience. This AME adds experience to the candidate journey, which improves the pre-selection quality.

Together with T-Mobile, we set up a framework taking all the wants and needs of their target group into account. Different scenarios where mapped out, creating a 360-degree environment with interactive hotspots, audio samples, links and video’s. The next step was creating tailor-made content at T-Mobile headquarters and a T-Mobile shop in the Netherlands.

This results in a digital experience where you meet and match with Team Magenta
  • You will be guided by CEO SØren Abildgaard
  • Learn more about the company values by Saskia Bekkers
  • Check out the vacancies at HQ with Martijn Smit
  • And experience a day in the T-Shop with Colin van den Bos

Curious about the end result of this digital recruitment tool?

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