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Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

An innovative concept of effective learning in healthcare

Innovative and creative, that’s what we can call the induction program of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Academies’ challenge for us was clear: ‘How can AVL make a large amount of important information, the material that can sometimes be tough, as fun as possible and ensure that every new colleague is trained in the same way?’

Together with colleagues from the AVL and the AVL academy, we have built an escape wall full of substantive games & puzzles. Learning is not only more effective and efficient, but also more fun and new colleagues can start their new challenge in a pleasant way!

Our client Miriam Boer says: ‘The escape wall is an important part of our onboarding program: “Getting started at AVL”. This is an introduction program in which we fully train all new colleagues (who work in the patient process) in 3 days in the field of quality, safety, systems & the most important actions. We do this in a way that suits the AVL: the patient is central, based on multidisciplinary collaboration and in an innovative and interactive way.’

We are proud that we have successfully completed such an important and extensive project. View the escape wall below and take a closer look at the personalized electro game!

The personalized electro game about multidisciplinery collaboration

Sometimes it can be difficult to find which colleague you need for which patient question. In this game you answer various questions from patients, and you see all the colleagues you can turn to. When you connect the right question with the right person, the light will turn on!

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