AME – Job Market Experience

Get noticed with our Job Market Experience!

The AME (Arbeidsmarkt Experience / Job Market Experience) takes your target audience along in an immersive digital experience, combined with years and years of experience in online recruitment marketing. Your target audience is able to experience the story of your brand down to the smallest detail.

“Experience Republic combines the the best of two worlds. With years of experience in online recruitment marketing they create a mind-blowing digital experience that will make you stand out from the crowd!”

A 360-degree environment gives you the ability to create a unique experience with interactive elements which engages different senses. Together we will set up a framework taking all the wants and needs of your target group into account. Different scenarios will be mapped out, creating a 360-degree environment with interactive hotspots, audio samples, links and video. The next step is to create tailor-made content, think of 360-degree photos, audio and video fragments.


By using a dynamic back-end and available data, we are able to create perfectly matched content for your target audience. In this way we design a digital environment with a unique story and interactive elements, fitting your audience needs.

Why choose AME? 
  • A short yet powerful 3 to 5 minute experience
  • Provides insight into work situations, activities and meet-up with colleagues
  • Informative and encouraging at the same time
  • Unique and interactive
  • Adds experience to the candidate journey, which improves the pre-selection quality

Check out what we did for our client UWV

UWV is currently looking for 150 insurance doctors. An insurance doctor is the only medical profession in which a doctor does not treat its patients physically. Because the job of an insurance doctor is extremely versatile, it is important to sketch an accurate picture of this multifaceted function.

Commissioned by UWV, Experience Republic developed a digital tool which gives candidates the opportunity to experience and learn more about the atmosphere and different benefits of working as an insurance doctor at UWV. On the other hand this tool gives UWV an insight into the wants and needs of the candidates by collecting data.

A perfect example of the double-sided effect a digital tool can create.

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