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Deurne Driver

You work as an experience supplier and technical support. You visit cool places and work in an informal atmosphere with enthusiastic colleagues.

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Deurne Operator

Are you ready for world domination? Then we are looking for you. Because you are that enthusiastic, communicative m/f who runs the escape rooms at full speed and promotes them. Thanks to the planning and logistics, the escape room comes where it needs to be. And then it’s up to you.

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About us




not only the founder and owner of Experience Republic, he's the creative brain and the guy with the coolest ideas. No idea is too crazy and no plan is too wild; Mitch sees an opportunity and a challenge in everything. Try him, he won't disappoint you. In his spare time, you'll often find him at the Philips Stadium, or he might head into town for a juicy steak.



Mac Gillavry

is the new kid in town at Experience Republic. Working as a Planner and learning a lot! Like any good organiser, she always has her pocket notebook handy with to-do lists, doodles and structures. She believes in the value of family, friends and her two French bulldogs. During the cold winter months she’s a true Netflixer, but in summer you’ll find her dancing at several Festivals.



van de Ven

joined Experience Republic not too long ago. He doesn't just work as an operator at events, he also makes sure our products are properly maintained and overhauled, so that we always have 100% operational equipment on site. Being the social person he is, you'll often find him hanging out with his mates or on the football field in his spare time.




has been working at Experience Republic as an engineer for a few years now. He designs the coolest products that work perfectly down to the smallest detail, and are then transformed in to the most beautiful products by his colleagues. Besides his technical drafting skills, you can always call on him for a ride in anything that runs on petrol!




has been part of the team since the very beginning and has totally owned several positions within Experience Republic. She is now working as an operator and that suits her to a T; making sure that all escape room participants get as excited as she does every single day! In her spare time she likes to read, loves good food and going out with her lover.




works as an operator at Experience Republic. She loves the fact that every day is different and has fun colleagues, and thinks it's great that she gets to meet so many nice people. That's exactly the reason why she's unstoppable in what she does. When she isn't driving our bus across the country, you've got a good chance she's hanging out by the pool or eating out at a sushi bar.




works mainly at the home base of Experience Republic. He'll take on any challenge, gets a kick out of hard work and enjoys the job so much because of the pleasant work atmosphere and great co-workers. In his spare time, Tyn is either on the football field or holding a game console.

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